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Living a family-friendly life in Attwell


Attwell, located in burgeoning growth hub of Plumpton, is one of ID_Land’s rapidly evolving projects that will one day be a bustling and friendly community with friendly neighbours, open parklands and a stunning waterway.

The project has continued to grow in the wake of the evolving COVID-19 situation, with buyers still looking forward to building their dream homes in an area that will offer them so much.

The green parklands in Stage 2 are nearly complete, providing a perfect place for a quiet morning stroll, some outdoor exercise or a family picnic once the days of social distancing are over.

Running through the Attwell project, the sweeping waterways are now under construction, providing stunning views, tranquil spaces to connect and a perfect location for an evening walk.

While residents have been isolating in their houses, Attwell has been buzzing with construction activity, with important foundational electrical works underway in Stage 5a, alongside the NBN install.

The coming weeks will bring even more activity, with Stage 6a and 5b soon to be underway.

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